Freitag, 31. August 2012

freitagsfragen.../friday's questions

nach langem mal wieder ein freitag voller fragen...
after some time of abscence today friday again with a lot of questions...
wo warst du letztes wochenende?

were do you spent your last weekend?


emotional state ?


was soll niemand wissen?
what nobody should know?


schöner spruch?
a notable saying?

das beste eis?
best ice cream?

diese schönen fragen hat sich wie jeden freitag steffi ausgedacht.
with all these nice questions steffi came up as every friday. 

schönes wochenende!
have a nice weekend!


  1. Sabine, Please show photos from your tattoo car show!!! That sounds like some place I'd love to go!
    That icecream and blackberries photos is making me drool!

  2. joni, of course i will. i just had a look into my wardrobe pondering how to get dressed appropriately. i don't have a 60s outfit, but probably i will get an idea. lieben gruß von sabine

  3. Gute Fragen ... Nizza Änderung des Profils Bild.

  4. thank you josep-maria! a friend of mine told me the older profil picture is actually not looking like me, so i better changed it.


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